Thursday, 21 August 2008

Starting to get excited here!

Yesterday, while I was dropping off my FedEx packages, there was a young woman standing waiting at the bank of elevators in the office where the drop off box is. She was in office attire, a very nice form fitting shift dress with matching high heels and sporting a current coif.

As I blew past her, because I'm always in a hurry lately. I'm looking at her thinking, I remember when I dressed like that. Now a days I'm in my Mephisto sandals, because I just can't imagine wearing heels anymore....a pair of capri pants or some sort of elasticised waistband skirt and I've got my hair in some sort of disarray. Have I turned into some sort of slob, or just going for the comfort factor?

Is this what happens as you get older? Is this what happens when you have more Saucony, New Balance and Zoot in your wardrobe than Halston, Tristan & America, Jacob? Have I replaced Jimmy Choo with Saucony? Do I wear my hair longer so it'll fit into a Stay Put elastic and running hat more easily?

My tan lines are something too, (not that I saw young things tan lines), mostly my legs are tanned below my running shorts hemline and above my sock line, so, very attractive (or not) white feet stick out of my sandals. What have I become? Some sort of running freak, have I totally lost all my hormones and don't care what I look like?? Well now throw in biking and swimming (I'm learning just how crazy you tri guys and gals are), I smell of chlorine and bike chain grease, I'M LOVING IT!

So, back to young thing in the dress, she was coming in from having a smoke, gah, I'd sooner smell of body glide and sweat rather than cigarette smoke. I don't know about you fellows when you see an attractive young thing who is smoking, but for me, when I'm out and I see a very attractive man, I think to myself hmmmm, maybe, wink, wink, but as soon as he lights up a smoke, game over.

This morning I'm re-reading the course for the 2008 Canadian Iron Triathlon, Duathlon, & Run - September 30 and I'm getting pretty excited. Who knew at my age I'd be trying a Tri.

I was thinking about all the excuses, couch sitting, cocktail swilling, making myself "old" past life, then "waking up" after a major health scare and surgery to realise, you've only got one kick at this life....shit or get off the pot. Well, LUCKY ME, I choose to be healthy and happy!!!

September 30, here I come! I've been biking, swimming and running. This week has been crazy with aforementioned tasks and this weekend I am practicing my transitions with my Half Iron friend Anne. I can hardly wait.

Thanks to all of you who read my little musings, because believe it or not, you DO contribute so much to my life and to my enthusiasm for continuing this journey of being fit and active at an older age!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,



Vava said...

Lily, I'm with you on the cigarette thing. "Hot" to "Not" faster than Usain Bolt not matter what! Nobody that I know of is alergic to bike grease, but plenty are allergic to fancy shmancy perfumes. Best of luck on the Tri, and have a great time!

Wes said...

You can smell like chlorine, have bike grease marks on your legs (I have two), and interesting tan lines, and still be HAWT :-)

chia said...

lol! I was over at a biking friend's house the other day and went "WOW, LOOK, MY FIRST CHAIN MARK!"

Judging by my excitement one would think that I was a pubescent girl getting her first period or something. Oye. Innocence.

You crack me up, go strong girlfriend!

Marcy said...

I'm am SO with you. Smoking is a deal breaker for me. Gross, gross, gross.

BeachRunner said...

Thanks for the kind post back at my blog.

I am so impressed with your attitude and accomplishments. You will rock the tri!

Nat said...

I find that I've become much more about comfort since I've started running. I was shopping with a friend and she told me her feet were killing her from her shoes. I asked why she wore them. They're cute. (But you are in pain.)

Anyway... I guess, it's a question of priorities. I'll dress up but only if it's important. Ya know?

Nat said...

I find that I've become much more about comfort since I've started running. I was shopping with a friend and she told me her feet were killing her from her shoes. I asked why she wore them. They're cute. (But you are in pain.)

Anyway... I guess, it's a question of priorities. I'll dress up but only if it's important. Ya know?

*aron* said...

haha my fashion has gone by the way side since becoming "a runner". i had to quit wearing heels so much (took over a month off of them right before the marathon which is a LONG time for a shoe girl like me :) hehe). i also prefer to wear my asics around on the weekends now.

so excited for your upcoming race!!!

and YES dean will be there... he is hosting a run too so i will get to run with him :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! great post today... because of my SI Joint pain going on... I was late leaving the house for work today.
So... I get in the car and realize I have to pick up my latest drugs for the inflammation AND gas up my car _ ouch twice I have to get out of the car! ( I have a point really....)

So I get out of my car at the pumps and realize... OMG!!!! I am wearing my BIRKenstocks! the ones that NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER should be seen outside of the house EVER! I didn't put on my lowest heeled sandals as I was heading out because I was LTE and the pain in the hip! OY!
AND I am going out for dinner in the trendy market too this evening with THREE MEN!! in my ugly birks!
my daughters have threatened to throw them out. But hey.. I can walk and look good - from the ankles up only.

And indeed smokers... serious turn off for me.
And that's my day. Weak! Me ! HA!
see this will be read more on your blog than mine! (-:
T AKA Marie

TNTcoach Ken said...

Too funny, you went from snob to slob! Ha, it's the age thang, we don't care as much. Take us like we are or not at all......

Ted said...

I love your attitude. Like you, I went for my run and I passed a guy who was standing on the sidewalk smoking a ciggie. It my habit to get around the smoker cuz I cannot stand the smell of it. Looking back, I said to myself "Boy, am I glad to have a healthy lifestyle than to be this guy smoking a joint on the sidewalk."

*Its the best feeling in the world!*

Kim said...

I'm so with ya sunshine. I can't tell you the last time I put make-up on. I'm not even sure where it is anymore. And my hair is always long enough for a ponytail. Sometimes I do think...what have you turned yourself into...looking like a mess-but I'm more more happy and healthy looking like I do in my tennies than I do in crap high heels.

It's funny though when I DO get dressed up and presentable-I can still look at myself in the mirror and say, 'hey still have it...when you want it!' and I know you can say the same thing too!

Running Knitter said...

It's all about comfort for me too. :)

Marlene said...

I'm only 25 and I have the shorts/sock tanline going on in full force (love the stark white feet in flip flops), another attractive racoon style tanline from my running shades and an assortment of tanlines on my back from various running tanks/bras.

Don't even get me started on my hair.

But I agree, NOTHING is worse than the smell of cigarette smoke. Ewwww.

Groover said...

Riding along in the cold invigorating morning air and a car passes. Cigarette smell coming out the window. Yuk. Kicking the addiction over 5 years ago is one of the best things I've ever done! So glad I did.

You're going strong. Loved your post. You know, reading your blog I'm really looking forward to getting older and braver and wiser and sillier and lovelier ... you are a role model. :-) You really are!

bluecolnago said...

you silly thing, lily. you're only a year older than i am, and i'm not even close to being old so you can't be either. :)

it's all good!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

What? You're saying those tan lines aren't sexy? Uh oh.

I think you'e in good company in blogland. ;)

Rudy said...

I agree with tnt. We have reached an age where we don't live and die on someone else's opinion. Take us as we are. And we realize the soul doesn't reside on the surface.

As for smoking, I have never forgotten what a friend said in high school when his girlfriend started smoking - kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray. Not something I would line up to do. I am in the deal killer crowd.

look at my pic and imagine the tan I had after riding my motorcycle from Alaska to Wisconsin. My family had a good laugh. I am just glad it was a tan and not a burn :-)

Michelle J said...

Gotta tell you if i am going to be called any sort of freak i would be honored to be called a running freak and be in the company of you Lily!! You are going to rock the tri!!!


AKA Alice said...

Used to be the same way...Used to do all my retail therapy at Nordstrom and Macy' I want to hang out at Road Runner Sports and shop for new running shoes and shorts that won't ride up.

Heck, I'll even post pictures of me sans-makeup for all the Internet to see

You summed it up quite nicely.

Carly said...

Hmmmm Running does something to a person. I am also all about comfort. I have the eye for a well dressed person, but I too lazy to put the time into myself.

I am completely with you on the smoking. I am a former smoker and have no tolerance for it.

Tanya said...

Just found your blog through Beachrunner and I really enjoyed it-you're joining my favorites list! I'm retired so no more suits, heels or makeup for me, but I do occassionally wear cute heels. Low but cute. And the smoking thing-nasty, dirty habit. I hate it.

KC Stine said...

That Tri is coming up pretty soon, can't wait to hear how you do. You'll love the experience.
I'll swill a cocktail in your honor when you finish.

I'm with ya on the cigarette smoke, it bothers me too and I used to smoke.

Vickie said...

Only when you get to "our" age do you realize what a challenge some of these things are that we do. But its all good because it beats the alternative. I look in the mirror sometimes and wish I were better but then I realize I am better than most women my age and younger.

Jess said...

I dislike smoking, but for me, chew is ultimate deal breaker. Blech.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I'm so guilty of the longer hair to make the stay put and comfy shoes. :D

Xenia said...

I totally agree on the smoking thing. That's a major deal-breaker for me.

I am a comfort clothes wearer myself. I'm going shopping soon for some new duds, so I may try to change it up a bit, but heels are definitely still a big no. :)

You're going to kick butt at the tri, Coach, no worries!

triguyjt said...

yes..there might be tan lines...
yes, the feet might be white but inside the shirt that smells of sweat and probably smells like bike grease beats the heart of the lion...

tell that to ms. so called hottie smoking a cigarette...yuccch

Bob Gentile said...

LUCKY ME, I choose to be healthy and happy!!!
Great Choice Lil :-) keep applying that sexy body glide on !!

MarieA said...

smokers... eeeeewwwwww
I am a high heels and lipstick girl. Can't help it. Even with back aches and such, it may not be stilletos much longer, but high is good for me! I'd even get a pair of those sneakers with heels!

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Hey! I'm one of those 'young things' who wears high heels only when dressing up (twice a year) and owns more athletic clothing than not.

:) I enjoy reading your musings!

Marci said...

I am just getting caught up on my blog reading, and read about your triathlethon. You are amazing!! Congratulations!