Thursday, 14 July 2011

This week...

...has been flying by.  I had to actually do a double take on the calendar this morning and when I didn't believe that it was already Thursday I checked my watch.

Last weekend was busy with training.  I won't bore you with too many details but I am very happy to report "I OWN Stewartville Hill".  Never again will this hill kick my butt while I'm on the bike!

Stewartville Hill
Tuesday night was the July Beaver Chase 4 Mile Race, man it was hot, hot, hot!  I started off running with a couple of friends who ended up only running half of the course, so once they bowed out I continued on my own through the forest trails and ended up with a good negative split.  Since I'm into some serious training I picked up the pace and even though I'm not terribly fast I was happy with the end result.

Tonight is our Running Room clinic night followed by a 5km run.

Friday night, I pick up my race kit and swag for the 3k Bring on the Bay swim race.  I'm actually getting excited about this!  My main concern, believe it or not, is whether I can climb the ladder to get out of the water at the end of the race!  Hopefully my knee will be able to support me up the ladder.

If not, I truly hope they have a crane!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,



Carolina John said...

That's going to be a tough swim! Good luck.

Lisa said...

Way to own that hill!

Best wishes this weekend!!!!!!

Marlene said...

Way to conquer the hill, and great job on the 4-miler!

That looks like one crazy ladder to scale after a big swim. Good luck!

Gaspegirl said...

great work on that hill... it must feel good!

Make it a great day!

MarieA said...

wow.... you are...... my favourite Iron Lady... yea yea yea... I KNOW... but still.
Impressive. The ladder is red. That's a good thing.
Picture a fire fighter - full six pack ab set on display... that should get you up there!

Xenia said...

That is one hell of a ladder. Good luck with the swim!

Bert said...

Wow that is a ladder - never mind climbing it - I might break out into a case of vertigo! You sound very excited about all the activity which is terrific, good luck with the swim and congrats with the hill!

Anne said...

That looks like a formidable hill, but a very pretty one in summer too, I bet. Glad you showed who really owns it.

Jo Lynn said...

Have a great time girlie!
That ladder looks a little worrisome.
So does that damn hill. Holy crap. Come down to the SF Bay Area and bring your bike - we would have some fun together. ;)

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