Sunday, 17 July 2011

Bring on the Bay has been and gone

Nepean Sailing Club
Friday night was the kit pick-up and the club house was bustling with the regular "sailors" and their mates, along with the folks from Easter Seals who in conjunction with Bushtukah were hosting the Bring on the Bay as part of their regatta weekend.  Tables were laden with the silent auction items and I must say, some of the items were to die for!

The kit bag is literally a bag!  A fantastic swim bag which will be put to great use in the future.

I arrived bright and early (well, not that early) to the sailing club for my first ever 3k Open Water Swim.  Many of the 284 swimmers were already there and awaiting the start.  I met up with some friends, obtained my chip timer, gave my swim bag to one of the many helpful volunteers and made my way to the water.  Most folks were in wetsuits but just as many were not.  (I was not)

Since I really wasn't sure what to expect I seeded myself well to the back and off to the side as it had been suggested.  (Note to self, you don't need to be that far back!).  We waited for sometime in the water because they hadn't anticipated so many swimmers this year and it took forever for everyone to get their chips on and ready to go.  There was a bit of delay but really it didn't matter...this event is for such a good cause and most folks were in party mode.  

The gun went off, the sirens were shrieking and the on lookers were cheering.  We were OFF

The course was well marked and well supported with kayaker's, catamaran's, police boats and other Emergency Rescue Boats.  The really fast swimmer's were gone and I just started my swim.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Hot, hot, hot and sunny, there wasn't a breath of wind.  The river was so calm it was almost eerie.   I've seen that river show her true self but today she was behaving.  My swim was steady and peaceful, exactly the way I had wanted it to be.

When I arrived at the ladder to exit the swim, I felt around for the first rung to put my foot on and I immediately got a full leg cramp.  Un-freeking-believable!  I made the swim in an hour and eleven minutes and had to wait what seemed like forever to get up the ladder to stop the timer.   A very kind gentleman said to me as I stood on the bottom of the ladder "great swim my dear, but you need to climb up to stop the timer"....I had several reply's rolling around in my head, but luckily not off my tongue.  I politely looked up at him and smiled and said "I seem to have a leg cramp".  Finally it subsided and I made the climb to the top to receive my medal....chip time 1:12.

to be continued...

Life's fun if you don't weaken,



Lisa said...

You are such a rock star! great swim!!

and nice loot. a swim bag? sweet!

Anne said...

That leg cramp sounds painful...but, you did great!!

Anne said...

Excellent effort, even with the protestations from the lower extremeties.

MarieA said...

good for you! minus the cramp of course.... so shave a few bits of and that can be the edited time you can re post!

The water must have been great

Wes said...

nice work! I've always wanted to do one of these. There's a 5K swim around these parts, and I'm still itching to do it after 3 years. Congrats!!

Groover said...

So it was in actual fact a duathlon: Swim and ladder climb! LOL

Well done!

Xenia said...

You rock!

price per head service said...

it sounds pretty amazing that you are doing something like that I would love to check to those items.