Sunday, 2 January 2011

Slowly but surely

My last documented run was November 28th.  How sad is that?

The New Year's Eve Resolution Run came and went with me lying prone on the couch nestled beside a box of Kleenex.  Well, two days later I finally got my carcass out the door for an intended 5K run, however, a good solid 2.5K was logged into the books.

Not the best run I've ever had, but a comfortable run nonetheless.  Let's hope this is the beginning of a fun, maybe not so action packed race year, but fun running with friends.

Life's fun if you don't weaken,



TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, did you forget how to run and don't call me Shirley...... LOL

Lisa said...

any running is better than no running. :-)

Jo Lynn said...

I'm easing back into it also. I ran for a solid ONE mile this morning before going into a Boot Camp class. ;)

Marlene said...

I hope this year brings great things and many happy miles for you!

Anne said...

Happy New Year Laurel! I like your new blog layout :)
May 2011 bring you good health, fun miles, and some belly laughs! Thanks for your encouragement when I needed it and hopefully, we'll get to meet in person this year.

Aka Alice said...

2.5 is a good solid run!

Happy New Year!

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

As long as we are moving we are living :).... race or no race.

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!!

chia said...

Wow, you just reminded me that Austin's Resolution Run is in 3 minutes.

I suck at resolve :-)

MarieA said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better.
Even without my turkey soup!
Here's to a good healthy happy year for both of us!