Friday, 7 January 2011

Moving at a crawl

The move every day thing is still going, albeit, not necessarily running.  It has been busy at work and with every good intention of going to the gym afterwards just hasn't happened the past couple of days.

The 2011 season will consist of close to home events, smaller in distances but with more swimming and cycling in the mix.  I'm looking forward to doing some triathlons this year, just to keep things interesting.

There are some pressing family issues which may entail that I do some events in Toronto, just to be closer to home.

2010 was a year of cycling.  I put over 3,000K on Blizzard the Trek with stellar events such as The Rideau Lakes Century Ride, which was foiled on the return trip by inclement weather.

A 100K ride for the MS Society and the 100K Ride the Rideau for the oncology department at the Ottawa General Hospital.

There were day trips with distances anywhere between 60 - 100K and a monumental three day unsupported trip to Up State New York.

I also had three crashes...the first consisted of a friend who inadvertently lost their balance and fell, which in turn caused me to slam on my brakes and try to dodge slamming into her.  Luckily I was able to stop in time before any major damage was done, other than scratches to the new Trek.

Second crash was just totally stupid on my part.  I was stopped and talking with friends, forgot I was clipped in on one side....well, you get the picture.  My arse looked like I'd been beaten with a stick.

The third crash was a little more scary.  While on a day trip, chugging up a large winding hill, I got caught in the mix of cyclists ahead of me.  Due to the sudden change in speed I wasn't able to clip out in time and fell onto the road while a huge tractor trailer milk truck was passing on the left.  Luckily and I mean luckily some of the other cyclists saw what had happened and were able to collect me and the bike off the road before the rear tires of the tractor trailer came dangerously close.

On the running front, 2010 had some really fun races...

Now we are in the dead of winter and it is finally snowing, bring on Cross Country Skiing!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,



Andrew Opala said...

awesome recap!

do a lot of people show up out-of-town for the Perth kiltrun?

I was thinking of doing th 5Miler this year.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Did you notice that every photo of you moving has a smile associated with it????

Lisa said...

Clearly you know how to have fun, you are smiling in each and every one of these photos!

Nitmos said...

I'm doing the 'close to home' thing this year as well. Best wishes!

Wes said...

nice :-) and we're glad you didn't get runned over!

skierz said...

Keep smilin!! I am sure that this year will be as wonderful as the smile proves 2010 was! Cheers!

Marlene said...

Ken is right about the smile! I think you made the most of your year and wish you many good things in 2011!

Be sure to let me know if you'll be in Toronto for an event and hopefully we can connect if time allows. I hope everything is okay with the fam.

Bert said...

Enjoyed the recap and the pics! The truck story is scary, but fortunately history. Best wishes for 2011!

Aka Alice said...

OMG...were you riding in the mud in that first Pix? You are my hero! Falling (or almost falling) on my bike, still scares the stuff out of me.

What an awesome year Lil..

PS...glad you liked the "parasite" comment on Jess's blog...I hoped someone would laugh. It was one of those borderline comments...

Black Knight said...

I like your year review. Reading your post I confirm that I was right when I decided not to bike anymore.
Great photos.

Nat said...

You had me right up until Cross country skiing! That's just some sort of winter torture invented by someone with a twisted and mean sense of humour.

(The last crash sounds awful! Glad you didn't get schmucked! )